Image Consultant

Have you ever considered how much your image – your personal packaging, contributes to your business and personal success?

Image Consulting: Image isn't everything, oh who am I kiddingThe multimillion dollar cosmetics industry is acutely aware of the value of packaging. You’ll know this if you’ve ever bought anything from those glamorous ladies whose counters are always just inside the front door of department stores.

The marketing and merchandising experts have it down to a fine art and know the colors and shapes that we’re most likely to buy. They then design their packaging accordingly and make sure it grabs our attention.

The product in the packaging has to do what it says it’ll do; however, if it looks like it can do the job, then we’re more likely to believe it can.

It’s just the same with people. Whether we like it or not, people are likely to make judgements about us by our body image, by “the way we’re packaged.”

They’ll then decide whether they like us, whether they’ll give us a job, or even believe what we say.

A few months ago I attended a function where an accountant was invited to speak about his business. He told the assembled audience how efficient his business was and about their attention to detail. However his tie was undone and his shirt looked like he was breaking it in for a smaller friend. His suit, though probably expensive, wasn’t the right colour for him and merely drew attention to the fact that its wearer liked his food. All of the things he was saying were totally contradicted by his body image.

Lawyers, accountants, plumbers or software engineers; it doesn’t matter what you do, other people are very liable to make a judgement about your abilities by how you’re packaged.

As an entertainer, your potential fans will often make a decision about you based on their first impression of how you’re packaged. Image is important!

Psychologists have established that we subconsciously make around eleven decisions about other people within the first six seconds of meeting them.

Personnel managers have admitted in surveys to making a decision about a job applicant within the first thirty seconds of an interview, these decisions being made primarily on how the people looked and carried themselves.

How we look will confirm or contradict what we say. First impressions are also lasting impressions and take a lot of changing.

Okay, so we can’t all have the perfect looks or the perfect body, what ever that is. It doesn’t matter what shape you are. It does matter how you package that shape, if you want to make an impact.

How you package yourself can also make a huge difference to your self-confidence. Have you ever noticed how confident and self-assured you feel when you dress in something you feel good in? Particularly when someone genuinely compliments you. How you dress can have a huge impact on how you carry yourself and project to other people.

The problem is that many of us don’t have a clue as to what really suits us and compliments our shape. This is why people turn to an image consultant to improve their personal impact. This may seem like a costly luxury, but if your image opens the door to your future success, it IS worth it.

Image consultants can help you find and define your look.  Your first impression is remembered and THAT sets you apart all by itself!